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Fox Feature #3 - Dylan Murry



I had five races over the past few weeks. I had two Legend races, one WKA national kart race, and one GSKA regional race.




In the Legend cars, I qualified 3rd in my class. In the race, I held my position and finished 3rd. In the other race, it was on a Friday night so we didn’t have time for practice and we barely made it for qualifying. In the race, I made my way up to 3rd and held my position.




I had a WKA race in Jacksonville last weekend. One Friday, it was all just practice, but at the end of the day, there was a money race. I qualified in 2nd and in the race I jumped into the lead at the start. We had on a gear that was too tall, so two karts caught me and drafted away. On Saturday, I qualified in second. In the heat race, I got spun and went from 3rd to tenth. In the feature race, I made my way up to fourth but couldn’t catch the leaders so I finished 4th. On Sunday, I qualified second, but we forgot to put on the transponder so we had to start in last (13th). In the heat race, I made my way up to sixth. In the feature race I caught up to the leaders and finished 3rd.




I had one GSKA race yesterday and it was the first race of the season, as well as WKA. I qualified in second and in the heat race I jumped into the lead on the first turn and won the heat race. In the feature race, I lead about half of the race until I got spun and fell back to 3rd. The person who spun me was penalized and I ended up in 2nd.


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I was just recently interviewed again by Fox Five Atlanta News at Atlanta Motorsports Park and Atlanta Motor Speedway. I really had fun driving, doing doughnuts, and being interviewed by the news team. It was aired the night before the Daytona 500, February 22, 2014.

I will have three races in the next three weeks, so I will catch you back up on my racing schedule after the few weeks.


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Fox 5 Atlanta

 I had two Legend races yesterday at Atlanta Motor Speedway. It was a double-header with two feature races and qualifying instead of heat races. In practice, I ran a 15.98 but my tires started to wear down. There was two qualifying laps, one to determine the start position of the first feature race, and the other to determine the start position of the second feature race. I qualified 3rd in both laps with 16.6 the first lap and 16.7 in the second lap. In the first feature race, I stayed in 3rd the whole time and finished 3rd. In the second feature race, I stayed in third on the start and got around clean. There was a restart because someone spun and came to a complete stop. On the pace lap, my left front tire valve stem leaked and the tire was flat. I had to race the rest of the race with a flat tire. I then stayed in third, but it was hard. I finished the race in third and brought home two 3rd place trophies in the Winter Flurry series.

FOX News asked us to bring my Legends car to Atlanta Motor Speedway last night. They are doing a special that will air the evening of February 22, the Saturday before the Daytona 500. We were at the Speedway until 10pm. I did doughnuts on the start/finish line with the reporter talking in front of me. It looked great with the Speedway lights on. I wanted to take off and drive the big track so bad! I will post it on my website after airs. 

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Dylan on FOX TV, click here.

I posted in my last report that I won 2 national WKA championships this year, one in the Baker Sportsman Pro Gas Animal and one in Sportsman 2 Clone. I won both driving a Razor chassis. The Pro Gas class was ultra competitive and the second largest class in WKA this year. Competition was fierce with drivers like Matthew Miller, David Kalb Jr., and so many others. I learned a ton racing with these drivers. I am so greatful for Roberts Kart shop, their Razor chassis and Baker Racing Engines for giving me powerful and reliable engines and the chance to win the championship. It is truly the highlight of my career so far (I know I'm only 13 but have been driving for 7 years). This year meant a lot to me because it was so competitive and so many karts in each race.

Thanks to iRacing again for seat time when I am not in my kart.

Here is a picture of me with my Razor kart (left) that I won the championship driving and the brand new Margay Racing kart (right) that I recieved for winning.

Dylan Murry Razor 2013 WKA Pro Gas Champion



WKA – Oct. 4-6
This was the last WKA race of the season at CMP (Carolina Motorsports Park). Since I has clinched the championship in the box stock class I did not run that class this weekend. I just ran the Pro Gas class.  This was for the Championship between 4 drivers.  On Friday, we had practice all day and at the end of the day there was a shoot out race.  The winner received an RC car and a $20 gift certificate to Michigan cart supply.  I qualified 1st in that race and there was no heat, just a feature race.  I pulled away from 2nd and 3rd, then won the race. There were no points for this race, only the RC car.
On Saturday, I qualified 2nd and 1st place was not in the hunt for the championship.  In the heat race, I fell back to 3rd and finished 3rd.  In the feature race, I stayed in 2nd until 2 corners to go and made a pass for the win.  This win helped me tremendously in the points.  On Sunday only David Kalb #11 could win the championship instead of me and he had to win and I had to finish 6th or below.
On Sunday, I qualified on the pole and in the heat race I was in 3rd until half a lap to go, dirt got into my carburetor and fell back to 10th. In the feature race, I made my way up to 7th on the start and caught up to 5th and finished 5th.  The kart I was in competition with, David Kalb #11 finished in 7th which allowed me to win the championship!  The award for winning this championship is a brand new Margay kart complete with engine. I will take pictures and send them later.
This championship would not have been possible without my Razor Chassis and Baker Racing Engines and I am lucky to have both. Thank you!

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Saturday WKA feature race. #40-Dylan Murry, #11-David Kalb,  #43-Zach Wells, #77 Jason Alder

GSKA – Oct. 12th
I qualified on the pole and in the heat race I won.  In the feature race I won as well. What a great weekend.
August 23-25
I had 5 races in Pennsylvania for the fourth WKA race of the season. The first race was the money race on Friday after practice. I qualified in 2nd and finished in 5th.
In the Box Stock class on Saturday I qualified on the pole and finished first in the heat and feature races. In the Pro Gas class on Saturday I qualified on the pole and won the heat race.  During the feature race I was passed for first and held second until the last couple of laps. The pack of cars behind me had a draft going and freight trained by me so I finished 5th.
In Box Stock on Sunday I qualified on the pole and finished first in both heat and feature races.  In the Pro Gas I qualified in 2nd.  In the heat race I was in first for a while then dropped to third and my wheel fell off so I had to start the feature race in last.  During the feature race I was able to work my way up to 7th out of 15 karts.
I have one WKA race left for the year on October 4-6. I have clinched the championship for the Box Stock class. There are 0 points separating myself and second place for the championship in the Pro Gas class (We are tied in points but I am leading because I have more wins) and third is only a few points back. The championship will come down to the three of us at this race at Carolina Motorsports Park, October 4-6.
Sept 21
I qualified on pole by 0.2 second.In the heat race I kept that position and pulled away for the win. In the feature race I pulled away and won. It was a double points race so it was like 2 races. We have 4 races left in the championship.
Sept. 7
I had three races at Barnesville this day.  One heat race, and two feature races.  One of the feature races was a make up from a rain out date earlier in the year.  I qualified on the pole by four tenths but we did not have our transponder on so I had to start at the back.  In the heat race, I caught up to third and it was a three kart pack, but by the time I caught up to them there were two laps to go so I didn't not want to take the risk to start on the outside pole so held my third place position.  In the first feature race, I started third and passed second and first on the first lap and pulled away for the win.
In the second feature race, they inverted the field on how you finished in the first feature race so I started in the back.  On the first turn of the first lap, there was a pile up and I got around clean and took second place. The next lap I passed for first and the win. 
August 7
I had two races at Barnesville.  I qualified on the pole by one tenth and won the heat race.  In the feature, I was leading and pulled away. We had a red flag due to a kart off the track. When we started back to racing, second stayed in my draft and was giving me lots of love taps going into turn one. Finally, we both spun out and we ended up finishing fourth and fifth.
Dylan Murry



July 5-7


I had my third WKA race at G & J Raceway in Camden, OH.  On Friday night, after practice, we had another money race. I qualified on the pole with the only time in the 44 seconds. I led most of the race and towards the end, my motor began to stutter because we did not have the retrictor in the fuel line, which made the carburetor flood. So second place caught up to me and passed me for the win.


On Saturday, I had a race in the clone and pro-gas classes. In the clone race, I qualified on the pole and won both the heat a feature races. In the Pro-gas class I qualified 5th in the rain because it was drizzling when our tires were meant for pouring rain. In the heat race It started to pour rain so my tires were one of the best and made my way up to 2nd but could not get around 1st so I finished 2nd. In the feature race, I made a pass for 1st towards the beginning of the race and a few laps later 2nd place passed me; I held on to him until the last lap and with three turns to go in the race I made a pass for first and won!


On Sunday, I raced both classes again, clone and Pro-gas.  In the clone class I qualified on the pole and won both the heat and feature races.  In Pro-gas, I qualified 2nd and stayed in 2nd the entire heat race and finished in 2nd. In the feature, on turn one of the race I was spun out and finished 8th.





In the month of June, I had four Legends car races at Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Thursday Night Thunder Series.  My results are as follows:





June 6 #1



June 6 #2



June 13



June 20



July 11 #1


July 11 #2



After the last race on June 20, we sent my car to Doug Stevens to have the motor refreshed, have holes drilled in the fenders for more down force, the windshield replaced with a wired net, and a new set of tires. I have had two feature races since the changes made to the car. In one of the races, I closed down into the turn too early, spun myself, and finished 6th.  In the second feature race I was in 4th place and was hit coming out of turn two.  I was about five feet from the wall and I crashed into the wall and did not finish.  My car suffered heavy damage. It is being fixed right now and I hope to have it this Thursday for the next race.

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