I had a 24 hour race at Daytona International Speedway with Endurance Karting the end of January. It was so fun and I look forward towards next year's at NOLA Motorsports Park. 


Our team name was All Purple Sectors, #44. We qualified 10th, with the whole field less than 2 tenths apart! The race started at 11:00am. Within the first couple of hours, we were in 3rd. Finally, at arounD 3:00pm, we took first place. We held first for a while, then we slowly started dropping at night. Early in the morning, one of my team members (Toby Dan) got the fastest lap of the race! Before I got in again, at about 5:30am, there was a red flag. One of the racers was very tired, and on his first lap out, he crashed into a truck and got serious injuries. He has to go through multiple surgeries. Near the end of the race, we were in fourth place, and finished fourth over all and in class.

Big thanks to my team mates, Cooper McCoy, Matthew Miller, Kelvin Xing, and the team manager, Toby Dan. 

Best of luck to Henry Brass on the rest of his surgeries. Hope you feel better soon, Henry!


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