Last Thursday, I went to Sebring, Florida because I was one of the Gorsline Scholarship nominee finalists, along with Skylar Robinson and Madison Snow. It was a true honor to be one of the nominees, but unfortunately, I did not win. On the good side, I am officially the youngest nominee for the Gorsline Scholarship ever. The winner this year, Madison Snow was nominated last year so my hopes are up for next year! Congratulations Madison.


On Friday, we flew back to Atlanta to gear up for the Winter Flurry race in Atlanta Motor Speedway. We just got a new car, so this is my first time driving it. In the heat race, I drew third and finished third. The tire pressures were too high and the car was pushing a lot, but I was still doing 16.4s. Normally, that is what I would be doing in my old car. In the feature race we changed tire pressures and I picked up the pace to 16.0s. I was running the same time as the leaders but I was caught up in traffic. I finished third out of 11 and first in class. It wasn't until today that I figured out that I had just about no left front breaks. This could be the main problem in the pushing so hopefully next time we can  get down to 15.9s.  


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