Wow! Last Thursday night was one heck of a race! It was the first race of the Thursday Thunder series at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Wednesday was test day for the US Legends Cars and it did not go so well. The car kept missing about halfway down the straight. We changed the carburetors, ECU, ignition coils, and fuel filter but none fixed the problem. After all the practices were over, we figured out that it had to be the crank trigger so we changed that before Thursday practice. On Thursday practice, it was fixed and were running low 16's, but it felt like it was pushing. We made an adjustment to the springs. In the heat race, the car was equal on grip, but had no over-all grip. We changed the set up back to what it was for the feature race, because at night, the car tends to loosen up. In the feature race, I started 8th out of 14 cars, but on the first lap, I was spun out and dropped back to dead last on the restart. All through out the race, I picked up positions until I was in 3rd, but the yellow flag came out and it was a green white checkered finish. I fell back one position on the restart and finished 4th of 14 cars overallin the semi-pro and 1st in class.

This was a very exiting race and I look forward to the next race.

We race every Thursday night through the end of July.



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