I had my late model test today at Caraway Speedway and it went great. Yesterday, we went up to Jeff Spraker's shop to get the car fitted to me. Today, I drove about 200 laps. They sent me out with some used tires to get familiar with the car. Once I started to pick up the pace, the right rear tire lost pressure so I came in to change to sticker tires. I went out for about 80 laps total on those, and I felt the tires go off like crazy. This was the first time that I drove a car where the tires wear off so soon. We changed to another new set and picked up the pace to a 17.59, a few tenths off a competitive race time. In that session, we simulated a race. I did a five lap qualifying, then a 50 lap race with a caution in the middle of it.

Over all, I had a great time and hope to race with Spraker Racing soon. They made me so comfortable and not pressured which really helped. Really great team! Thank you.

I hope you enjoy the short video as much as I did driving!


Dylan Spraker Late Model at Caraway

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