Yesterday, I had a race at Atlanta Motor Speedway in my Legends car for Winter Flurry race #4. Qualifying didn’t go so well for me. In practice, I was doing 16.1s and felt I had more. In qualifying I caught a car and had to slow back down to try to get another good lap, but caught him again going into 4. I ended up qualifying fifth at a 16.3 and the leaders were doing 16.1. I was disappointed, but I knew that it was a long race to catch back up. At the start of the race I got around all of the outside lane and was in third. The next lap, someone tried to pass me going into turn 1, but neither one of us wanted to back out. We ended up touching and I spun. On the restart, I quickly made my way up to third and had second for a little while. Some cars behind us spun and the caution came out. There were three laps left and I was starting third. Coming out of turn 2 on the first lap after the restart, the person in second tried to get by first, and they both came together and slowed down as I passed for the lead. One of the cars and my tires bumped as I went by and knocked my front tires toe in 1 3/4”. Both of the other cars couldn’t finish the race. I restarted the race in first. As it turns out, I couldn’t turn very well for the rest of the race because of the toe, so one car got by and I finished 2nd overall and in class. This race put me in a very good spot in points. I am leading by a bunch of points now with only 2 races left and hope to win the championship.
I am really having fun driving at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in the Legends series. It’s so competitive and exciting. Come out and see for yourself!
My next race will be broadcasted live on the mobile app, Periscope. This is available for free in the App Store and Google Play. You can follow me @DylanMurry1 to get notifications when I’m broadcasting.
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