Last race, I was awarded the trophy for the 2015-2016 Winter Flurry Semi-Pro/Pro (semi-pro and pro combined) championship winner. It was a tough season, but I pushed through and stayed focused on the championship. I am glad to be awarded with this and hope to get more in the future, maybe even for the big Sunday races in the future. 
Yesterday’s race did not go as well as I was wanting it to go. The good thing is it wasn’t a points race, but I still had fun.
They gave us five laps to qualify and I ended up 4th out of 12 cars. There were two 20 lap races. In the first race, I held 4th throughout the entire race. The car didn’t quite have enough grip, considering there are over 300 laps on the tires (they are a year old). The first three cars pulled away and I stayed back in 4th. I started 4th again in the second race. On the start, I got shuffled back in the pack, but made my way back up to fifth. The car in front of me locked his brakes and went wide in turn 1. I tried to pass him, but he didn’t see me on the inside and closed down. We touched and locked wheels. It knocked my toe out by an inch and the car had understeer for the rest of the race. I had to restart last and made my way up the field and finished 8th. 
My next race will be at the 3/8 mile track in Cordele, GA. I will be broadcasting it live on the free app, Periscope. You can follow me @DylanMurry1 on Periscope May 21 to watch my race. 
The week after that I move back into late model racing. I will run Caraway Speedway’s 1/2 mile track in North Caroline with"> May 28. I have tested a late model but this will be my first race in one. We hope to do more late model races shortly after that. Our goal is to gain experience in big cars and get approval from NASCAR to compete in the K&N series. We are going directly from Caraway after my race to the K&N race at Dominion Raceway in Virginia two days later, May 30, just to watch. I’ll be cheering for Harrison Burton running in the K&N race there. We met at VIR running Miata’s together learning the track at my dad’s “David Murry Track Days” last month.
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