Last week I had a Thursday Thunder Legends race and a late model race at Motor Mile Speedway. 

The Legends race did not go as well as I would have liked. I the car was loose and I qualified 11th. We took the car out of impound to make a change to the corner weights. We had to start last because of taking it out of impound. The car felt really good for a couple of laps, but then there was a big pile up in front of me and I ran into a car. It bent the steering arm and knocked the tow out a couple of inches. After that, I didn’t have the car everyone else had. There were more wrecks that I avoided and ended up finishing fifth.
The late model race was Saturday night, and was my first time at that track and so I didn’t get much practice time. I ended up qualifying 8th out of 12 cars. The race went all 150 laps without a caution. I made my way up to 6th in a couple of laps. towards the end of the race, I was running fifth and had saved my tires much more than the fourth place car. With a couple of laps left, I made the pass and ended up finishing the race in fourth. It was a great race and Spraker Racing put in a lot of effort to make the car what it is now. I go to Caraway in two weeks for another late model race. Thursday Thunder Legends next.
Late Model racing doesn't allow in car video cameras so we don't have video.
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