Yesterday was the third and final road course race. It was at Atlanta Motorsports Park, and I had a ball! It was 30 minutes of practice, a 6 lap heat race, and a 10 lap feature race. The king of Legends Cars, Doug Stevens, was also racing in that race. In practice, we were about the same speed. After that, he changed the gear ratio in his car so he could get off the corner a little better. We left ours where it was. In the heat race, I drew to start last. After the first few laps, I was in second, right behind Mr. Stevens. On the restart, I was able to hang with him, but I dropped a wheel in the grass and locked up my brakes, which allowed him to get away. I ended up finishing second. 

In the feature race, I was able to hold on to second for the first 2 laps, but then another car tried to go on the inside of me and I didn’t see him. He tapped my left rear tire, but I was barely able to save it as you can see in the video. A caution came out after that and I was able to restart the race in second. Going into the carousel, I tried to pass for the lead, but he didn’t see me and came down on me. We touched wheels and I lost a position. I passed him right back, but lost a lot of ground to the leader I was slowly catching him, only a few tenths per lap. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to catch him by the finish or not. We came up on lapped cars, and Mr. Stevens came up on them at just the wrong time, which allowed me to catch back up. A few laps later, we came up on more lapped cars. This time I caught them at the wrong time. He pulled away and then there were only two laps to go. I caught back up to him, but I wasn’t close enough to make a pass. I finished second and won the championship. I had tons of fun having the chance to be able to race against the great Doug Stevens!
I also worked my first few days at the Skip Barber Racing School. I had a blast and look forward to my next event with them. 
I would also like to congratulate the Hendrick Motorsports 48 team for their 7th championship tying them with Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Richard Petty; a truly outstanding accomplishment!

Dylan Murry
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