Okay, so this is probably the biggest and most valuable race report I have written to date. It starts off going to Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. We left a couple of days early to explore Germany (and test my two years of German). Deutschland ist super spaß!

At Spa, they had practice on Friday, qualifying on Saturday, and the race on Sunday. My first lap around the track, I had nothing but a huge smile on my face, as the first corner I took was Eau Rouge. The scenery was beautiful too. There is no other track in the world that compares to Spa. Just a very unique track in the thick forests of Belgium. I couldn’t thank Mr. John Coyle, Dean De Santis, and Damon De Santis enough for this once in a lifetime opportunity. After my first lap it was time to get serious.

On Saturday, the whole team qualified. I got a good lap and qualified 19th out of 86 cars and over 300 different drivers. I started the race on Sunday. They had to delay the start a while because the track was so foggy in a couple of the turns. I have always heard of rumors saying it’s always raining on half the track and thought it was a bit of an exaggeration. Well, it turned out to be true. At the start of the race, we would run the dry line on half of the race, and the wet line on the other half. The race was 8 hours, so it dried up by the next time I went out. In my first stint, I worked my way up to second before I had to come in for a driver change. All of the other drivers were great and made the entire experience so much better. The last time I went out, I was coming up on a lapped car and tried to pass him on the inside. Another car tried to go inside me making it 3 wide, me in the middle. I don’t think the car we were passing saw me in his mirrors and came down on me. We touched wheels and we went off the track. Because this happened 10 minutes before the race was over, the corner workers wouldn’t let me go out to finish the race. All in all, I had so much fun at that track and my teammates were so much fun to be around.

Now on to the K&N race at Greenville-Pickens Speedway. There was a 3 hour practice session on Friday. That was my first time in a K&N car and learned so much about heavy cars with lots of power. On Saturday, we had another 1.5 hour practice and used that to my advantage as well. We were having some brake issues that day and had to change the front brake pads. In qualifying, I qualified 15th out of 19 cars. If I would have picked up a tenth, I would have been inside the top ten. The race was 150 laps with one pit stop at lap 75. The first 75 laps had lots of cautions. Most of them were right in front of me and I had to constantly keep an eye out. On one of the wrecks the car that spun rolled back into me. It popped the left front tire and damaged the body a little, but we were able to change tires and go back out. The last 75 laps was almost caution free until the last five laps. The race restarted with a green/white/checkered. I picked up a couple of positions and ended up finishing P6 on the lead lap. I was the highest finishing rookie in that race. I never could have believed that we were able to run in that race, nevertheless finish in 6th! I’m very happy with our finish and wish we could do more races.

Without the help of all of the donors through Go Fund Me, this race never could have been possible. It means so much to me and now we are hoping to continue onto Watkins Glen for the K&N race there. Thank you to everyone that donated. I am blown away by how much we raised. I remember telling my dad “I really don’t think this Go Fund Me idea will work. That’s a lot of money for one race.” Well look who was wrong. I still can’t believe it!

The K&N race will be televised this Friday, April 14 @ 6pm ET on NBCSN. It's an hour show.
Happy Easter everyone!



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