Last weekend went great! Buckling down the second K&N race of the year, we were up in Watkins Glen all weekend. I had so much fun with my dad as one of my spotters. It was a great learning experience and an unforgettable weekend. Learning how to boogie a stock car around a road course was very fun. It was a one day show with the K&N race on Friday, Xfinity on Saturday, and Monster Energy Cup on Sunday

We had practice at 1:00 for 1.5 hours. After we got the car dialed in during practice, it was time to qualify. I ended up qualifying 15th out of 20 cars, but that only gave me more of a determination to do well in the race. 
The race started at 4:45. I kept my head in the game and conserved my tires, because they only let you use one set of tires for all 41 laps. I was riding around in 10th and 11th for the first half of the race. The car was a little bit tight to start with, and as the tires get hotter and hotter in the front, it only got worse. When the first caution came out at lap 21, we came in to get fuel and raised the track bar in the rear to give it more front grip. It was a lot better once we went green again, but still was not perfect. I adjusted the rest by adding more rear brake bias. I picked up a couple of positions in the second half of the race. They had a caution with three laps to go and I was starting on the outside. I wanted to get to the inside as soon as possible. My spotter said clear to the right, so I didn’t pass up that opportunity. Going into turn one, the guy behind me pulled out to the inside and made it three wide, sandwiching me in the middle. I was lucky to get out of the mess clean, while other cars spun. The race stayed clean and I lost a little bit of ground. Knowing that I had only two laps left, I gave it my all. I made up a few car lengths on the car in front of me by the end of the race, but was just barely not close enough to make the pass before the checkered. I ended up finishing 8th place, advancing seven positions throughout the race. 
This race would have never been possible without Turtle Wax, Case-it, Tupelo Honey, Bokampers, Gorsline, Simcraft, and all of the Go Fund Me donors. Hopefully there will be more of these races to come my way in the future. I will never give up and hope to get a full season of K&N next year. 
Also, set your DVR to NBCSN on Wednesday, August 9 at 6:00pm ET to watch the race. I am very excited to move forward on my career.


Dylan Murry Watkins Glen KN TV time

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