This weekend was fantastic! It was the final race of the year at Atlanta Motor Speedway on the road course. We went into the race knowing that I had already locked up the championship, so most of the pressure was off. The will to win, however, was still there. We were fastest over all in practice, which gave me a bit of confidence going into the race. There was a heat race (instead of qualifying), and a feature race. I drew to start 3rd in the heat race. I passed the car on the outside front row going into turn one. He stayed pretty close to my rear bumper for the rest of the race. Still trying to hold him off, I made a pass for the lead. I held the lead and won the heat race. The video here is from the heat race which was short and intense. 

In the feature, I held the lead throughout the race. The cars were running side by side behind me, so I was able to pull away. I ended up winning the race by two seconds. 

I had to jump on out of my sweaty racing suit, and into a real suit to go to the awards banquet that night. In the banquet, I was awarded my 12th championship, accompanied by the “President’s Award” presented by Mr. Ed Clark, President of Atlanta Motor Speedway. I am very humbled by this award. I never saw it coming, and it’s truly an honor to receive it. 

This year has been very amazing and a great experience. To be able to receive the help to get two K&N races with Logan Zimmerman Racing, and a chance to race at the infamous Circuit de Spa Francorchamps, has really amazed me. I am looking forward to seeing what comes my way in 2018 with a lot of hard work ahead. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my career including the Go Fund Me donors, Turtle Wax, The Gorsline Company, Tupelo Honey Cafe, Case•it, Simcraft, Craig Stanton keeping me fit, those having me drive their race cars on track, and many many others. I could not be writing this race report without you.


Dylan Ken Ragan Pro Legends Championship 2017 Dylan Ed Clark Presidents award 2017

                                  Ken Ragan presents "Pro Legends Championship"                               Ed Clark presents "President's Award"




Video- Atlanta Motor Speedway Legends heat race December 2, 2017- short & sweet




Video- "Thank you"




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