I had a few races the past couple of weeks. They were both GSKA races. In both races I qualified second, and finished second in the heats and features. We had great handling, but (as you can see in the video attached we just don't have the acceleration on the straights. We are beginning to think that our clutch may be the problem. There are two kinds of clutches that we are looking at. One has one plate (for lighter classes), which we have now, and another has two pates (for heavier classes). The class that I am running is in between the senior's weight and the sportsman's weight. We do know for a fact that our clutch is slipping for about four seconds or so. The two plate clutch we hope will fix this. We have run our single plate clutch all year and haven’t had the success we did last year with a two plate clutch.

My next race is at CMP, October 17-19 for the WKA grand national. I hope it goes well and maybe our clutch will be fixed.

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