I had a few races these last few weeks. I had two Legend races, two GSKA races,
and three WKA races, in Camden, Ohio.

I had two Legend races.
The first one I started in 2nd and I was trying to get the lead on the first lap
so I could hold the other racers off until the end, but they called a jumped
started and I had to move back two positions. I held fourth for the rest of the
race. The second Legend race, I started in 2nd. It just finished raining so the
outside had no grip and I got moved back to fourth. I moved my way back up and
finished 3rd.

I had three WKA races in Ohio. On  Friday,
there was a money race. I qualified first and won the race. On Saturday, I
qualified first. In the heat race, I got passed and finished third, I also
finished third in the feature race too. On Sunday, I qualified second and I fell
back to fifth and made my way up to third. I finished the feature race in third
as well.

I had two races at Barnesville, Georgia as well.
The first race was a night race, I qualified on pole and held everyone off in
the heat and feature race and won the night race. The second race, I qualified
in second. In the heat race I got second, as well as in the feature race.


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