Last Saturday, I had a Winter Flurry Legends race. This was the first race of the season at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

I drew second place to start the heat race. On the start, I had a better run than 1st place and we ran side-by-side for a few laps, and I came out with 1st. I started to drive away, but on the last few laps, my car started to tighten up and my front brakes locked up. The rest of the pack fought me, but weren't able to pass me, and I won.

In the feature race, they combined my class (Young Lions) and an older class (Semi-Pro). They had the Young Lions line up on the outside row, and the Semi-Pro line up on the inside. On the start of this race, I didn't have as good of a run, and I was shuffled back to 4th, 2nd in class. I was catching the leaders, until the person behind me pulled out to pass me. The whole train went by and I was then in I was 4th in class. Someone in my class, got loose and got sideways. I passed him and finished 3rd in class. After the race was over, the top two in my class, were disqualified and I came out with the win. I am leading the championship now and hope to keep it that way. 


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