I had two Legends races these past couple of weeks. They were both at Atlanta Motor Speedway. I had great competition in both races.

The first race, I drew last and started the heat race in last. Before the practice session, I went out in a parking lot and tested the car. One of the gaskets blew, and oil went everywhere.  We added more oil and went out for practice. Everything was fine so we ran the heat race. On the first few laps, I went from 6th to 2nd. I was about to pass for the lead, but then my engine slowed down and started smoking again. We brought it back to the garage and the camshaft was split in half. We didn't know what to do. At this point, we thought we couldn't run the feature race. It was just then, when someone offered me to drive their car, just to get me the points in the championship. So, in the feature race, I ran someone else's car. I started in 12th. Throughout the whole race, I worked my way up and passed half the field. I finished 6th and first in class.


The race at Atlanta Motor Speedway yesterday, I drew 4th. In the heat race, I got caught behind third, but eventually passed him. By that time, I was too far behind to catch the leaders. I finished 3rd. In the feature race, I started in 6th because they combine heat race finishes for the feature. I made my way up to 3rd and catching the leaders. Right when I was about to catch the leader, a guy from behind me nailed me in the back left tire and it crushed my bodywork and set up. I then fell back to fourth. The car had no grip then so I continued to fall back. I finished 5th over all and first in class.


In yesterday's race, there was Rutledge Wood (of Top Gear) and George Flanigen, they are the hosts of a new TV show on the History Channel called "Lost in Transmission". Rutledge and George were here to make an episode. They interviewed a couple of people and I was one of them! The season premiere is sometime in early March.


Thank you to everyone who has been voting for my video at Championsparkplugs.com for the driver search. You can vote every day through Feb 3. It would really help push my racing along if I could win the contest.



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